✍️Write for Edge

Edge is looking for technical writers to author tutorials and guides in support of the use of network services.

If you are good writer with an understanding of technology or a technical writer by trade, Edge wants to hear from you! The docs site for Edge Products is a new initiative with huge room for growth, meaning that there are a lot of topics available for you to write about.

What Topics Are We Looking For?

The tutorials and Q&A within the docs site help developers at all levels solve problems, answer questions, and increase their knowledge and skill set around open-source software.

The Edge Project is looking for practical guides covering open-source software and Linux/Unix-like systems, including production installations, deployments, containers and automation. If it can be run on an Edge Server, then there's space for it in the docs. We're also looking for guides for the use of Edge DNS and Edge Content Delivery, both established and highly performance services within the Edge Network.

We are especially interested in:

  • Linux system administration. For example, how to secure operating systems; how to set environment variables; managing users; bash commands; handling files and directories; file system hierarchy; DNS; troubleshooting; and disaster recovery. Share your knowledge by submitting a tutorial about system administration.

  • Web tools. For example, installing NGinx or Apache; installing NodeJS and NPM; setting up proxy servers; caching approaches; webserver optimisation; and security best practices. Help others bootstrap their platforms by sharing your expertise.

  • Linux tools. For example, how to use Rsync for backups; how to make use of systems for service operation; how to use regex to find specific files; how to transform data in real time; the right approach for securing SSH; what to do if you want to send email from your application; and how to migrate server to server. Help others attain your level of expertise.

  • Security topics. For example, how to make use of VPNs to secure connections; the right approach to configuring firewalls; how fail2ban can help prevent brute force attacks; how to employ sandpit strategies; what to do if you find yourself under DDoS attack; and how to prevent cross domain scripting attacks. Help others secure their platforms by submitting a tutorial about security.

  • Containerisation tutorials. For example, how to install Docker; how to install Kubernetes; the right right approach to YAML composition; how to keep your containers lean and performant; how to monitor containers; and strategies for backing up containers for recovery and rollback. Share your experience by writing a tutorial about containerisation.

  • Content delivery. For example, how to make use of Edge Content Delivery to optmise your image workflow; how to integrate Edge Content Delviery with Wordpress; the right approach for front end media optimisation; the difference in media requirements for mobile and desktop; and the performance benefits of using Edge Content Delivery. Speed up the Internet by showing others how it's done.

  • Content management systems. For example, how to install Wordpress on an Edge Server; how to install Drupal on an Edge Server; how to optimise Joomla using Edge Content Delivery; and exploring the options for open-source content management. Assist others in making the right CMS choice by shaing your insight in to the available platforms.

We do not accept articles about closed-source software, paid software or promotional content. We also aren't looking for translations at this time.

Although there will be obvious cross over and commonality for specific software guides, we can’t reprint content that has already been published elsewhere

Will I be Paid for Creating Content?

Yes! Technical writers typically receive $250 of $XE per tutorial once it has passed review and has been published.

While most new tutorials are paid out at $250, complex topics may be paid out at up to $500. Updates to existing tutorials or variations of existing tutorials for different operating systems are typically paid out at $50 to $150, depending on the number of changes and the level of technical detail involved. All payouts are at the discretion of the Edge project's core team.

How Do I Apply?

Applying to write for Edge is easy. Simply head to our community Discord server, join the #write-for-edge channel and introduce yourself. A member of the team will then be in touch to get you started.

Before you apply, make sure that you have explored the docs site to see the kinds of topics that have been published and to get a feel for the project's writing style.

Edge tutorials typically focus on providing a series of steps to solve a specific problem. Each step is explained thoroughly so that readers are aware of what the code or commands do, and provides them with enough information that they can adapt the process to their own requirements.

A good exmaple of this is the Base Configuration for Ubuntu 22.04 tutorial. This tutorial provides a set of steps, each with a specific action for the user and a clear description of the expected outcome. The focus is on the tasks at hand and their benefit to the user rather than being a description of the technology itself.

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