Setting Up 2FA

Your Edge account can be optionally secured with a two-factor authentication.


Two-factor authentication can be added to your account at the point of account creation, or from within the settings section of your account. It can be anabled for as many users of your account as you need.


Enabling 2FA

To access your 2FA settings, click the Account button top-right, and then click Settings:

To enable 2FA, scan the QR code presented with Google Authenticator, Authy or your favourite 2FA application:

Enter the verification code provided in to your Edge account and click Enable 2FA.

You will be given a series of backup codes that can be used to access your account in the event that you loose your 2FA device. Make sure that you make a note of backup codes or store them in a password manager such as 1Password.

Now click I confirm I have stored my backup codes in a safe place.

2FA is now active on your account.

Disabling 2FA

You can disable 2FA at any time by entering your verification code within the Settings > Two-factor Authentication (2FA) section of your Edge account.

Adding Additional Users to 2FA

The addition of secondary 2FA accounts to your Edge account is straight forward.

Head to the Settings > Two-factor Authentication (2FA) section of your Edge account.

Click on Add extra 2FA code to reveal a QR code that be used to configure and link an additional 2FA device to your Edge account.

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