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Edge technology is in production use today, powering some of the best digital experiences online.


Monocle use Edge CDN for the management of images and audio across their estate, including on their website at monocle.com, in their mobile app M24 and, via a sync-up with InDesign, in the publication itself.

High resolution source images are scaled and intelligently cropped by Edge CDN, significantly reducing the weight of work for their editorial teams.

We’ve streamlined our production with Edge, saving time and ensuring an optimal experience for our end users. – Joe Gwynn, Head of Technology | Monocle

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Ecohustler is an environmental news outlet, activism network and shop. Making use of the the cleanest available technology is central to their mission. Edge is unique in its use of the spare capacity in the devices all around us, meaning reduced emissions through lower power consumption.

Edge helps us reach our audience energy efficiently, using spare capacity in existing devices rather than building dedicated data centres. – Matt Mellen, Founder | Ecohustler

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The Professional Publishers Association represents publishers across the UK. They are partnered with Edge, recognising the workflow optimisation and cost savings that the technology brings to their sector.

Edge CDN optimises publisher workflow, making it easier and faster to deliver media to readers. – Owen Meredith, CEO | PPA

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Bauer Media use Edge CDN to power their vast image library across hundreds of websites and mobile applications. It enables their product teams to rapidly deploy solutions that use code to edit imagery.

Edge helps us deliver experiences in days and weeks not weeks and months. – Matt Hobbs, CTO | Bauer Media

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Recognising that every second spent loading represents an incremental reduction in sales conversion for e-commerce, Foundland use Edge CDN to ensure high-performance delivery to their global audience.

Edge has given us the ability to provide a customer experience that is identical regardless of location. We can drive traffic across global marketing platforms without worrying about the high costs of regional infrastructure. – Sarah Khalaf, Founder | Foundland

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