📖Use Cases

Edge Servers, Edge DNS and Edge CDN are available today, allowing you to create and run applications entirely on the edge of the network.


Static websites can be run through CDN

An example of a static site hosted via Edge Content Delivery can be seen here:

Dynamic sites can be delivered using Edge Servers, which as VPSs are capable of running practically any application.

Hosting on the Edge ensures a lightening fast experience for your end users, increasing conversion and retention.

Content Delivery

The performance of applications and websites can be improved through the use of CDN, which distributes images, media and assets as close to the end audience as possible.

Edge CDN includes a full media pipeline, enabling you to transform, optimise and intelligently cache your media library using simple and robust URL parameters.

Edge CDN can be used a drop in replacement for existing CDNs, and can be added to websites and apps without a CDN in place quickly and easily.

Domain Routing

DNS is a critical part of the Internet and for all online businesses. Edge enables the management of DNS routes, providing an authoritative DNS service that offers instant updates, hyper-local routing, high redundancy, and advanced security with built-in DDoS mitigation.

Highly performant DNS has a real-world impact on the performance of your entire product. Slow domain lookup times compound with each request that your website or app triggers for the ned user. Edge DNS has been shown to increase overall performance by 65%+.

File Storage and Sharing

Edge Object Storage enables fully decentralised, high performance and secure file storage, backup and file sharing for individuals and businesses. Files stored in the Edge Network can be encrypted with your own private keys, and are broken in to hundreds of pieces, providing an extremely secure data storage solution.

Application Acceleration

Caching API endpoints at the edge of the network accelerates your products responsiveness, improving user experience, helping to drive deeper engagement and higher conversion.

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