Edge billing is handled via the account portal for most customers. Invoice billing is available on request for larger and enterprise engagements.


Edge uses a prepaid wallet unique to each account for the handling of payment for service use. Before you can deploy services this wallet must be funded with a minimum of $5 (USD). Services automatically become available once your account's wallet has been funded.


Accessing the Billing Page

To access the billing page in your account, click the Account button top-right, and then click Billing:

Your billing page provides your account details, referral code, transaction history, invoices and the ability to fund your account directly using a credit card.

Funding Your Account

Using Fiat (USD, GBP, Euro etc.)

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Using $XE

[in progress]

Setting Up Auto Top Up

[in progress]

Managing Payment Cards

[in progress]

Accessing Invoices

[in progress]

Accessing Your Account's Wallet

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Now that your Edge account has been funded, you can proceed to use Edge Services. Your account balance will be debited automatically at the end of each day for the exact cost of the services consumed in the previous 24 hour period.

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