Edge DNS is a highly scalable Domain Name System service, designed to give businesses and developers a reliable and cost effective way to route end users to Internet applications.
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Powered by a worldwide anycast network built in to the core of Edge platform and operational in 26+ countries, Edge DNS operates at lightning speeds ensuring incredibly fast resolution times and low latency for your apps.


Advanced DNS Functionality

Edge DNS comes with an advanced feature set including geo-detection for global routing, DNS weighting and complete control of your TTL.

Realtime Propagation

Traditional DNS update times: 24 hours. Edge DNS update times: 60 seconds.

Redundancy and Optimization

DNS queries are serviced by every master node in the network, meaning that there is no single point of failure and a near infinite number of routes available.

Built in Failover

Intelligent traffic management ensures seamless handoff and removes DNS bottlenecks and downtime.

Platform-Wide DDoS Protection

DDoS mitigation technology is built in to the core of the network, providing a shield for your applications from malicious attacks.

Industry Leading Uptime

Edge DNS has maintained an uptime of 100% over two years.

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